Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[sad news] Dramacrazy is shutting down

I just open one of my favourite website which is and guess what ?! This
website was already SHUTTING DOWN. Forever.
I never found any other websites that will give me all of korean and japan drama that i want ! This bad news really shocking me to death.
I dont really know what is their reason for the closing of this website since i didnt join the forums there but it seems like due to financial problems ;(
How sad.

And this website closing make my dull holiday more bored, since i didnt get any part time job ( mintak kat satu tempat jer pun ) .
 What to do ?! 

For now, i just need to finish all drama that i have now sobsobs
and waiting for ramadhan :)

So peoples, i didnt know much about other websites since
i'm very loyal to this one website only LOL.
Please let me know about other websites where i can get all korean and japanese movies. Not for watching online and have a small capacity ( less than 2 gb for each movies ). 

HAHA. Dramacrazy really make people crazy.

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