Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Food technologist to be ?


How come some peoples think that food technologist--> masak memasak ? -.-

never thought that i would be in this field ( food technology) .
when i attended an interview for ipg after got my spm result two years ago ( ohh time flies fast ! ),
i'm already imagined that i'll be a teacher one day. 
Going into class, teaching the students and got many presents during teacher's day lol.

To tell the truth, i've never had any ambition. Teacher is just my random ambition when 
some of my teachers in school  said,
 ''you should know what you want to be in your future.You have to plan
from now''
that scared me much okay . 
 i dont have any ambition. zero.

that's why i'm decided to take something interesting that when i'm in that field,
i'll feel the excitement of study (apakah ? -.-) even i'm not interested in that field at a first place.
someone said to me, ''minat boleh dipupuk''.
Ohh maybe. that's why i'm deciding on something related to foods.
i'm applied all courses that have
related to foods like foodsciene and nutrition, food technology and dietetics.
And after that, istikharah and put trust in Allah.
He knows what is the best for me, He knows better.
And it was very interesting when we're studying about what we eat everyday.

so now, 
will i become a food technologist in the future? hehe.
But i'm already imagined that i'll work in one of the big factory in Malaysia (sometimes imagined that 
i'm going to work overseas haha)
everyday going to work wearing a lab coat and walk around the factory,
and check the foods/beverages whether they are in a good condition or not.
Check the texture of food bla bla bla.
Or will work in lab while doing a nutrition calculation.
(wahh nampak sangat aku suka berimaginasi !)
But imagination for the future takpe hahaha.

Broken grammar for this entry. pedulik hape aku.

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  1. oh food tech...
    lau jd pegawai teknologi makanan lak jgn la sombong2 dgn I.K lak ye kak....