Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Piya :)


A month ago, we had a midnight party for Wahida. Now, it's turn for celebrated
our dearest ( dearest lah sangat ! haha) Piya's besday ><
But her birthday not today, it's on 29 October and today is 3 November haha!
ohh pity Piya. heheh. We can't celebrate it SHARP on that date because we just got back
from our holiday and dont have time to do a surprise party for her.
hehehe kesian.

And we decided to surprise her today because alhamdulillah we dont have any 
schedules today as yesterday on Friday we had Khalifah programmed.
The whole day wehh ! adehh dehh dehh.
sabaq ja laa. dapat ilmu, ye dok ?

le excited Piya ! always ! haha

Happy Birthday, sweet nineteen.
May Allah bless u always.
Prosperity, longervity yaa !
Hope our relationship will be last forever, insyaallah ^^

In friendship, dont you ever saying these two things.
''Thank you'' and ''sorry''.

Have a blast all my dear friends !

okay lah. cannot wait for mid sem break . miss home already padahal baru je balik cuti lol.
and before that, wish us luck in our
ethnic relationship test ! haha.
tak baca pon lagi -.-

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