Monday, August 24, 2015

High Kick 2 : Family, Love and Friendship

Lama tak update pasal korea hahaha sebab malas. 

"High kick through the roof" is a sitcom series (season 2) which once very famous in korea around 2009.
The ending is quite tragic though which lead to controversial issues among the fans of this sitcom back then. 
spoiler : sad ending.
Tapi sitcom ni memang lawakk sangat setiap episod aku gelak2 pecah perut lol. Patutlahh popular ! Cuma aku lambat tengok heheh.

I love Hyeri's character the most, such a cute and talented actress. 
She is a spoiled and selfish elementary school girl. She is initially abusive towards Shin-ae, but later grows quite attached to her, but would never verbally admit it.  She often get constipation LOL. She is rude to those she dislikes. As such, her trademark phrase is “ppangkkuttongkku,” which approximately translates to “farty butthole”; she also speaks to elders in banmal (casual speech). Like her father, she is not academically gifted and shows little ambition to do anything other than inherit her grandfather’s riches and live in wealth her entire life.

Hyeri's moments :

When Hyeri bought birthday cake for shin ae.
She hates shin ae so much but still care for her. what a sweet girl even she have bitch personality haha.

When Hyeri accidentally spilled the hot chocolate on sekyung's leg and asked sekyung to go to hospital using her own money.

when Hyeri forced his brother to play with her.
siblings love aww.

when hyeri cried after being told that shin ae will leave their house :(

Real gila budak ni berlakon, aku memang suka tengok cerita yg pelakonnya kanak2, aigoo dahlah cute talented pulak tu.

Hyeri lakonan Ji Jin Hee.

Ji Jin Hee 2015 (16 y/old)
already beautifully grown up.

Bye !

Rasa tak sabar lak nak balik Ganu, lama benar aku bertapa kat melaka haha.
tapi sedihhhh ;(

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