Tuesday, February 23, 2016

women's sports shoes by ZALORA

Hello peeps !
Im still alive and currently busy with my final year project zzzz asyik kena repeat je, asyik salah je zzzzz.

So today i would like to bebel a little bit about fashion to release my tension wahhaha. The thing that i would like to bebel here is about sport shoes, oh wow!
Eh, sport shoes bukan pakai untuk bersukan je ke ?! 
Hahhh ni yang aku nak share something ni. Bukan untuk bersukan je tauu, sekarang ni dah makin banyak sport shoes yang multiwear bila2 pon boleh pakai.
For girls who have no idea how to style a pair of sport shoes perfectly, take a look at these three women’s sports shoes fashion look ideas to pull off :

1. Sports legging
 i dont wear legging, haha but its okay girls, for muslimah, we can wear our loose trousers or tracksuit and still look stylish while working out in the trendy sport shoes ! It will definitely give us that boost of confidence to sweat off those fats. 
*sambil jeling lelaki kacak.
It is important for girls to squeeze in some time for a quick workout session once or twice a week. Im trying my best to work out/jogging everyday to burn off my calories LOL. 
Maklumlah usia dah meningkat, body metabolism pon dah makin rendah. Health conscious sangat kan hehe.

OMG, too many choices ! I would like to grab one soon for my evening wear haha! 
*shining eyes*

2. Skirts
Who says you cannot rock the boyish touch while still maintaining a feminine look hahh? Flaunt the outfit everywhere you go with confidence. 
Mix match the sport shoes with any type of skirt you own and step out of the house looking trendy as ever. 
Nak jalan pon senang ! I like this !

OMG! cantikk kan. Ni paling sesuai pakai dengan skirt, takdelah tersadung kain. haha.

3. Skinny Bottoms
For a casual outing or dating with your boyfriend haha, the sports shoes will be suitable to match with skinny bottoms. Match the sport shoes with skinny jeans or pants and get that trendy casual outfit effortlessly. oowwahhh.

There is nothing wrong in switching your high heels, wedges or flats with a stylish pair of women’s sports shoes once in a while! If you prefer a comfortable day walking out, the sport shoes will definitely be the perfect footwear to match with your clothes. Especially for us students, it is more easier for us to just wear sport shoes instead of sandal 
(kalau nak cepat naik bas contohnya, tetiba tercicir pulak sandal alahai malunya haha).

What is your choice?
Go to women's sports shoes fashion by ZALORA now !

Stay beautiful and healthy, girls !

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