Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lose weight !

My third post for January. Otak berkarat dah nampaknya.

OMG OMG ! I just found this video from youtube ! 
37 minutes workout at home !
I think its really cool because we can see the calories and how long the time is. 
Of course im not try it yet hehehe but from the comments that i read from viewers so far, they cant finish it after 10 mins lol. But it depends on individual. 

I wanna try it yeayy ! since i eat so much. No limit. Even worse, goreng roti canai at midnight and then go to sleep. Pastu bangun pagi makan lagi. Lepas makan baring kunyah keropok menonton korea. Continuously for almost two weeks now haha.
Konfem naik 3 kg. hahaha congrates qila. 
That's how I spend my holiday =,= eat and gain weight. Indahnya hidup.

Kalau rajin exercise lah.
Lose weight lah jom ! yehet !

[update!] - aku dah try 2 kali. First try 10 minit je mampu bertahan pastu dah pancit haha. Nampak senang tapi tercungap gak ntok orang yg jarang bersenam cam aku.
Second try aku mampu bertahan sampai minit ke 14.
Yeay ! Harapnya dapat capai sampai 37 minit wkwkwkw.
Dan nampaknya tiada kali ketiga sebab kaki dan pinggang dah sakit2 ....

The End.

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