Thursday, November 7, 2013

I hear your voice

Must update ! Very good drama. i didnt watched it because of the casts.
The first episode got me hooked(ahh ni yang tak best sebab kerja banyak terbengkalai haha). I like how the drama started with a not-so-gentle story line. The first episode served as an introduction to what kind of people the main characters are. With that single episode, you already kinda know what the story is all about. 

And what I love most - how they play the flashbacks that connect everything beautifully.

It asks and helps you to think. To judge yourself and look into your own morality when it comes to concepts like justice, hate, revenge, love and many more. 
I was totally impressed with the storyline :)

 It’s nice to know how Korean Laws goes, and it feels like I am studying Korean Law myself.

But I still didnt understand why Min Joon Gook only 10 years in jail even after he was found guilty killed soo ha's dad.
And it's quite funny when all of the cases involved only handled by the same judges, prosecutor,lawyers, public defenders. hehe.
Macamlah takde lawyer lain oiii. Tapi aku pahammm. Dah nama pun cerita. Konfem lah ketidaklogikan tu banyakk haha.

Highly recommended for law students especially :P
 its not easy to be a lawyer since you might have to defend guilty people because that's your duty.

Our life is not even long enough to love each other. So, dont spend our life hating someone.

Knowing that you're wrong, yet still insisting that you're not - That's self abuse. Living like that, one becomes alone without anyone being on your side. And
I found out a person who can reflect and apologize is a great person -Park Soo Ha

 janganlah takut pada kebenaran. Akui salah dan silap diri kita sendiri walaupun kadangkala ianya menyakitkan.

Best drama ever. thumbs up.

p/s- sebenarnya dah taktau nak update pasal apa. update je sementara ada masa haha.
we only have less than two month before our final. 
Ya Allah cepat sangat masa berlalu.

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